I love potatoes

I Love Potatoes


The NFB: Innovation for Education

The NFB has been leading the way in educational media for the past 75 years. This year, we are proud to offer you pedagogical resources and activity ideas, to accompany the I Love Potatoes game, for the classroom and for home.

A Guide for Teachers

This guide is for teachers who teach grades 4, 5, and 6 at the primary level, and is particularly relevant for social sciences, social economics, and citizenship education. Its objective is to allow students to acquire knowledge about social innovation and sustainable economics, and to understand the importance of cooperation while developing critical judgment and exercising problem-solving methodologies.
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A Guide for Parents

This page is for any adult who wishes to discuss social issues with a child who has played I Love Potatoes. On it you will find questions to stimulate conversation on the themes of social innovation and sustainable economics. You can enhance the learning experience by discussing consumerism, the environment, how to get involved, and by determining the little things that can be done to change things. You will also find activity suggestions to take the thought process even further.
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