I love potatoes

I love Potatoes

A game to plant new ideas and harvest some change!

A Vali Fugulin game co-created with Ruben Farrus and Minority

I love Potatoes

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All is well in the Land of Potatoes …

The Monster is sustaining the village and meeting the inhabitant’s needs, but something is beginning to smell fried … So don't be afraid to get yer hands dirty and help your village get with the gravy!

They love potatoes!


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experience and change your world, one potato at a time!

In my little guide, you will find 10 steps to change the world. It’s easy as mashed potato pie!

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They were our inspiration

Learn more about these social innovators who changed their world.


To do

at home and at school!

Hey, teachers and parents, to introduce social innovation to your young ones, download activities here !

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Hang in there!

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Stop dragging your feet kid,

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